Discoursing Together

journalism 1

Religion – I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have spent my entire life trying to understand this community. It’s a diverse landscape made up of diverse beliefs within the same religion. I don’t believe exactly like my mom or dad believe. A dividing issue that comes up between members is medical marijuana. While some believe it is a medicine, others believe it is a pathway to heroin. It isn’t for me to say which is right – I am not a doctor or God – but I believe it is a personal choice. A major communicative practice is taking place this weekend in General Conference. It’s eight hours spread across two days twice a year in which the leaders of the church speak to the members about religious and physical things. By using this time to communicate, the Church is more unified in how it acts as members and people to an extent. Studying this community would take time and dedication, but it is plausible. I just moved, so the ward community is rather foreign to me, but I think that would give me insight on how and if they accept others when they come. I would go to church each Sunday and take notes on how they act and what they teach.

Newspaper Editor Staff – I have been an Assistant Editor at The Signpost since June. I have loved my time there monumentally. I love the urgency of the deadlines and the feeling that I can make a difference in my words. This community is interesting because we are all leaders and we all come from vastly different backgrounds; our EIC is jewish and we have Christians and Atheists and many types of religious and cultural background sitting at the table. The twelve of us meet three or more times a week for a minimum of two hours. Friendships are developed quickly when discussing article ideas and reporters. Each of us has a specific role that if falter in, everyone will fail and there won’t be a newspaper. I have only been a member for a short time, so I remember what is was like to be on the outside the first while, but have quickly been accepted. I spend so much time with these people that they are like my family. I have insight to a very limited group and I think this would be the prime candidate for writing on my discourse community. Most of us write for the paper or work on the paper everyday for hours. We work with reporters to edit their writing and help them succeed. Our communication is constant and intense through email, text, and physical contact. I think this is the most interesting group anyone could be in. I would make notes of specific things that happen and work to understand the bonds we have formed on an even deeper level.

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