Born with a Pen in Their Hands

Authors often say that there is nothing else they could’ve done with their lives, that writing is the only thing for them. Sometimes they struggle like any artist does, but they shake it off and keep writing. Writers don’t write because they want to, they write because they need to, because it burns in their soul.

A major theme that has come out of my data is that writers don’t know why they must write, but they have to. They can’t find a reason, but they just know that they have an unquenchable, fiery passion for it. The second theme is often that “they were born with a pen in their hands and plots in their brains”. The third is that they don’t know how they write or even how to really teach it. They don’t measure their characterization or have a plot recipe.

Having filtered through the databases has helped filter my opinion, though I have gone back and forth on my question. I also thought about asking “what makes a good novel” since it is more quantifiable, but I am more interested in why authors write, especially since the field is so hard.

The patterns that emerged for that topic are the following: 1 is writing it piece by piece, 2 is writing what you know and feel, and 3 don’t write for what you think other people want to here, write for you. These patterns are very common throughout many of the sources that pertain to my topic. The outliers for that topic is that one of the authors talked about how there is too much noise that comes from reality and too much that happens and that it gets in the way of writing. This is a comment made once or twice but never expanded on. There is never an explanation of how to tame reality.

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