The Perspective of an Editor

Going into the interview, I felt that I understood a lot about the community. After all, I had been a part of it since early June. That much was true; I did know a lot about my perspective of the Discourse Community.

My interview was with Nic Muranaka, the editor above me. He is fantastic and has helped me achieve the success I’ve had at The Signpost. Even though we have a very fun relationship (we both love to laugh, especially at each other), I respect him greatly. He is a kind and outgoing person that sees a need and fills it.

The most surprising thing about the interview was the reason that he stays in the community. For many Comm majors, this class is one of the required electives, but that does not automatically make you an editor. Nic was an English Literature major. In fact, he graduated last spring. Nic likes the work well enough, but that isn’t the reason he has stayed for three years. He has stayed for the people. I found that surprising. I always assumed he stayed because he enjoyed it, but he stays for his friends. I suppose that should have been more obvious, seeing as he stayed a year past his graduation.

I had several follow-up questions, but seeing as we are a news group that thrives on interviews, he gave me thorough and detailed answers to my questions. I had 18 initial questions for him, so I was glad to see that each of them were answered so well. At the end of the interview, I felt confident about my base of knowledge and felt that my perspectives had been broadened.

Incorporating the interview into my paper will be relatively simple for me. I have lots of experience with writing about interviews and putting them strategically throughout. Even if I do not use every word of his, the knowledge he provided will continue to bring a second perspective to my thesis and paper.

The biggest thing that surprised me is that I think I may go get more interviews. With the others on the editorial staff. I think Nic’s response led me to some interesting findings that I may have with others as well.

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