You Can’t Pick Your Family, but You Can Pick Your Topic

Let’s be honest: who hasn’t had problems with writing? You might write a sentence, delete it, rewrite it, delete it. Maybe it’s an awful topic – researching shoes or something just as bad.

For me one of the most intriguing topics that struck me was writer’s block. Understanding what causes it and how to combat writer’s block seems like it would be an interesting topic to investigate further. I always face writer’s block in my personal writing, but less so in the majority of my academic writing (for some bizarre reason I can write about math but not about my own fictional worlds). Writer’s block is annoying and obnoxious. If I can combat it in my own life, that would help me and those around me.

A second topic that I thought about is what makes a good novel. As a writer, knowing these tricks for good writing would help me on my own life. It is frustrating when you don’t know what others like about your writing or if you feel like you don’t understand your reader. Writing academically you always know your audience. With writing, that is harder.

The third option I have thought about is what makes a good journalistic article. Although i know quite a bit about journalistic writing, you can always know more. I enjoy writing on the paper and hope to be writing for the rest of my life.

Writing is easy for me, and I’m lucky it is also a passion. It will be hard for me to narrow these topics because I want to research them all. That’s probably how I will narrow it down: I’m going to do some extra research up front to see what I can fons. Even though their all interesting, the one I can write a nine page paper about will win.

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